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Day 4: V(eterans), X(anthous), Y(yardwork), & Z(hlob)

St. Augustine, FL

Thank you to this rocking Veteran for his service that gives us our freedom.

Song for the day: Lee Brice. I Drive Your Truck. (2012)

This song is one of my few favorite country songs. Lee Brice was driven to tears when he was presented with the story behind a father who remembers his veteran soldier with his son's truck. His son died saving another solider in battle at Afghanistan. We owe a lot to the veterans of all ages in our country. They help preserve our freedom. We passed this veteran driving out of the neighborhood this morning. He rides every day on his cool bike. I believe if I do my math correctly he has to be at least 94 or more!

Tip for the day: Regular exercise every day does have its benefits. The doctor says it. But there have been studies too! Check out this large study of daily cyclists that were found to cut risk of death for any cause by 43%!

Day before a "real" vacation

You can feel the excitement in the air. It's like Christmas morning. Day before vacation. You know that feeling. Phyllis and I already felt that before we headed to Florida. But my brother in law is really pumped.

He is one of the hardest working guys I know. Does not take much time off. Barely gets a day a week off. And tomorrow we are all heading to Long Boat Key, his favorite place, for a week vacation. Man he is pumped! He got up this morning before he had to go in for his last day of work and proclaimed "We are going out to breakfast!".

Cafe Eleven is ranked #10 out of 65 in Trip Advisor for the area. I would even rank it higher when it comes to breakfast. Line is usually out the door. The weekend brunch buffet is the way to go on a Sunday morning. Made to order omelets were off the chart!

I asked Shawn, the laid back omelette maker, how many have you made this morning--it was 8:30 AM. He humbly replied with a smile, "Ummmmm, probably around 70. 71 counting you. We'll do another 100 by 11".

Shawn the omelette king chef at Cafe Eleven.

I like the way he said "we". He is the one and only and is amazing. Btw I had to ask him for his secret to making a perfect omelette. He again, with a humble shrug, shared:

"You have to use the right size pan. Too big doesn't work. And you have to use the right heat. Too much overcooks. Too little doesn't get the job done." This may not be his exact quote (sorry, Shawn) but that is what I walked away with and you know what, just enough ambiguity and experimentation and I make pretty good omelettes!

My brother in law had to go to work. Those who know me, I am not the type to sit around. I overheard him complaining that the neighborhood was on his butt for having palm tree fronds that are xanthous. Okay he did not use that word, but I determine if there is an official complaint being made, let's up the descriptors and make it worth our attention.

Xanthous is a Greek word that means a yellow brownish color. Yup, that would describe some of his palm fronds. Well...lots of them. This seemed like a good project for me. Good news is that there is no certain time to prune a tree like it is in the can do it anytime!

Three hours and many many fronds later, not to mention in real hot Florida heat, this zhlob was satisfied with his work. Satisfied because you can say his palm tree was pretty xanthous-less. Why a Zhlob? My brother in law thanked me like crazy for doing this and asked if I found the chainsaw in the garage. Chainsaw?

Oops. I found the saw. Didn't have a chain or motor to it!

Anyway....come on by neighborhood patrol, and check this out!

It's about that time......for a brewery....isn't it?

So this zlob and Phyllis went out for a cold beverage and a bite after a hard day's work.

St. Augustine has a few great breweries. Old Coast Ales is a great place. And a big bonus is that Osprey Tacos is next door and you can order and eat them in the brewery! Both have great stories behind them rooted by local family. And in case you were wondering what the cool bike is on the Old Coast Ale logo--a real version of that hangs over the door inside the brewery and it was made by scratch by the owner's brother who used to own Imperial Cycle shop. Love the kegs it can carry--I'm thinking about adding it to my bike. lol.

Enjoyed the Empirical American IPA (6.6%) and the In Suspension Hazy IPA (6.7%) paired with Pollo Asado Street Tacos.


While doing yardwork in the Florida habitat, I came across a few species you will not see in Jersey.

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