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Day 3: Celebrating Godparents Day

St. Augustine / Ponte Vedra

Song for the day: We Are Family. Sister Sledge. (1979)

This song can be a theme song for much of our trip but on this day in particular, Phyllis and I get to hang out on a special evening with our "extended family", our godchildren and their spouses. Here is also some trivia: In 2011, Phyllis got up and danced with Sister Sledge on stage at a ceremony that was honoring our son Kosta and others for receiving a scholarship!

Tip for the day: For the record, we have nothing against purebred dogs. In fact our first three dogs were pure breeds. But when considering adding a dog to your family, think about adopting a rescue dog. Or even fostering a rescue first for a week and see what how that goes. They come in all shapes and sizes and there are so many that need a loving home. On this day, we loved meeting our goddaughter's pair of "rescue" Pit Bull's that are the nicest dogs ever...well in addition to our Athena of course!

Newest addition to the Demopoulos family in 2015.

Nicest Pit Bulls we ever met! Fern and Brandy!

A walk in the (wide) beach

St. Augustine beach is beautiful Don't take my word for it. Their website shares this factoid: named St. Augustine Beach one of 10 most gorgeous beaches to visit this (May 2021)

As I mentioned in Day 1's blog, I am trying to keep up with some of my exercise routine even during the #Flafreetour. So I was very happy when someone suggested we hit the beach for a walk. This beach is quite unique in that you can actually drive a vehicle on it. The sand portion is very wide and firm. It is north of Daytona Beach which also has that same feature. In fact I didn't realize it but there are other beaches in America that you can drive on, including right in my own New Jersey! You will need a pass if you do plan to drive though--we decided to use the good ol' legs. Bring water with you though--it does get hot, even in the morning.

Zack, Phyllis, sister Elaine, nephew Philip on St. Augustine Beach

Celebrating Godparents (and Godchildren) Day Florida style

Today is a very special day for Phyllis and me. We are going to have "Godparents Day" with our godchildren and their spouses. In the Greek Orthodox tradition, like I am sure with other similar religions, every year we have Godparents Sunday usually in June. It is a special day celebrating Godparents or in Greek, the Nouno and Nouna, and their Godchildren. A day that you should go to church with them and honor this special bond. Problem is that Phyllis and I live almost 1000 miles away from them and though we have a very close relationship with them, we have never been able to celebrate this day together.

So this evening we were very excited that we planned a special occasion to go out with them and celebrate our special bond as godparents in our own way. And they were equally excited about it as well. They planned it all!

We met at the TPC Sawgrass Nineteen for before dinner cocktails. The view was almost as beautiful as the young adults we had the honor to hang out with all night. You don't have to be a golfer or a golf fan to really appreciate this beautiful setting.

Sitting on the patio having some of their signature crafted cocktails and creative delicious starters was quite memorable. We talked about their childhood, their children, and their families. We told them how proud of them we were that they pursued good educations and gave them the freedom to follow their passions. And of course, how they found great husbands to create great families!

We Are Family! The Godchildren with Zack and Phyllis (and Phillip of course!) at Ponde Vedra Sawgrass overlooking the 18th hole.

For dinner the kids picked the restaurant as well. It was a great popular BBQ restaurant Valley Smoke that not only had great food but an incredible ambiance with craft beers and good bourbon! The 'Que For 4 gave us a delicious sampling of five different meats including a beef brisket to die for!

To top it off, our godchildren treated us to dinner which was totally unexpected. Phyllis and I are so proud of them--and this Godparents Day was the best ever!

Oh and just to make this story even more sappy that it should be, I looked down at my other goddaughter's (not the one from Day 1) feet and what do I see? Yup. Birkenstock strikes again! Not sure if the girls are feeling as sentimental as I am knowing they have sandals like their ol' godfather!

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